BLCK Cold Mint - Details on Item:

blck Cold Mint Nicotine Pouch the production of NGP Empire Sweden. The same producer of Killa and Pablo. This is an all white Nicotine pouch that gives icy strong peppermint flavor and winter breeze.


Flavor And Strength:

BLCK Cold Mint offers an Icy cool fresh peppermint flavor that instantly gives cool freshness. These are pouches by the same producer of Killa and Pablo that are 100% Tobacco Free and released from smoking harm, toxic chemicals associated with tobacco leaf. Instead the pouch is made from Nicotine extracted from tobacco leaf.

Strength: BLCK Cold Mint comes in Nicotine Strength at 12 mg per gram.

What is The Speciality of It?

BLCK Cold Mint pouches are made from pure extracts grown under natural climatic conditions. This means they don't have any traces of harsh toxins and are lab-tested for quality assurance!

Ideally, the BLCK Cold Mint pouches are engineered as the strongest and the freshest nicotine pouches you can ever find in the market Today. As a company, we take pride in manufacturing the most innovative and exciting new nicotine products to quench your thirst and protect your health.

How to buy BLCK Cold Mint From Online?

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  • BLCK Spearmint

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  • Strength: 12 mg/g
  • Portion Size: .8 g
  • Packet contain: 20 Portions